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Week of Monday 15th January – School Meal Menu  Week 3

Thursday 18th January is the day the Government collect the in number of children taking a school meal on that day and use this to calculate the school’s funding. Please check whether you have ordered a meal and talk to your child about what they are having.

Year 2 – Safari Pete

Unfortunately Safari Pete was ill last week when he was due to come in. He has rescheduled for this Wednesday. He will be bringing a collection of unusual animals for the Year 2 children to look at closely and handle, if they want to. He will also present the whole school assembly that day so all the children will see a collection of the animals, from a distance, and learn a bit about them.

Reception – Stamps

Please send in your stamped addressed envelope as soon as possible and offer your help for the walk to the post box if you are available.

URGENT – School Application Closing Monday 15th January

Is your child due to come into school? Please ensure you have applied for a school place if your child is due to start either Reception or Year 3 in September 2018.

SCHOOL ADMISSIONS – Nursery pupils for a Reception place and Year 2 pupils for a Year 3 place in Junior School

You should apply now, online at: or for both Infant School (current Nursery pupils) and Junior School (current Year 2 pupils) places for September 2018.

Upcoming Events

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