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Summer Term

Welcome back to a new and very busy term. There are lots of exciting events coming…

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School Meals – week beginning 24th April – School Meal Menu Week 1

The school meal menu will be remaining the same for the rest of this school year – until July. The three week cycle will continue so your child will be given the meal you have already ordered unless you make alterations on an order form and send it back to school. See ‘General Information – Lunch Menus’ to check the menu and get an alteration form.

 Birthdays—let’s try a Birthday book!

Some parents have been sending in items to celebrate their child’s Birthday. This is very kind but can cause some difficulties, particularly with cakes or sweets as we have many children with allergies or intolerances to food. Children’s Birthdays are always noted and celebrated in class so please do not feel that you have to do anything extra or send in anything at all. If you would like to send something in we suggest a book for the class. This could have you child’s name and birth date written inside so everyone knows it’s been a Birthday gift. It can be shared at story time and would then be in class for the rest of the year for everyone to share.

INSET DAY Change of Date

Monday 5th June – Inset Day cancelled, children should be in school on that day

Thursday 8th June – New date for inset day for both schools, children not in school

See Parents – Letters for further information.

Upcoming Events

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