PINNER PARK Infant and nursery school


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Reception at the Park

Thank you to all the parents who accompanied their child’s class to their walk around the…

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This week, beginning 20th November – School Meal Menu Week 1

Please check whether you have ordered a meal and talk to your child about what they are having. If you have not ordered a meal please send a packed lunch, in a clearly named lunchbox or bag, and ensure your child knows they are having a packed lunch.

Parent Helpers

Help in school - as you know, school is a very busy place and a lot goes on in the classes every day so any extra help is always much appreciated. If you have a bit of free time and would like to come into school for a morning or afternoon to support children’s learning by perhaps listening to children read or playing games with them, please talk to the staff in the office.

Year 1 Walk to Headstone Lane

Each Year 1 class will be walking along to Headstone Lane station this week as part of their topic work on the local environment. They will be looking out for geographical features, both physical (natural) and human (man-made), discussing land use and using what they find out for map work. You could follow this up by discussing these things with your child as you travel around the area.


Upcoming Events

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