Lunch Menus

SUMMER 2018 Menu

We now have our new Menu for the Summer Term, click on the link below. Please complete the meal request form and return it as soon as possible.

Pinner Park Summer Menu 2018 – 3 week Parent Flyer

School Meal request form – Summer 2018

If you wish to make changes to your choices during the term, please use the change of meal request form below. Please be aware that we must receive this by the Thursday to get the order in for the following week.

School Meal – change of meal request form

Pinner Park bespoke winter menu 2017


You only need to fill in your choices once and then these choices will be used for each three week block.


New parents need to fill in the School Meal Request Form and the Information Sheet please.

Please check with your child what they like and ensure you keep a record of what you have ordered for each day within the cycle. Each meal is specifically ordered for each day with numbers being given to the kitchen a week in advance. It is important that you stick to what you put on the form with regards to taking up a meal or providing a packed lunch from home.

It is essential that the school has up to date information on any specific requirements for meals and any allergies or medical conditions related to food. You will need to provide a letter from your doctor specifying allergies, intolerances or specific medical needs related to food. We have provided information about the allergens within each meal.

If you have any questions about the organisation of lunchtime the school will help. The contact number for Taylor Shaw, who will be able to answer questions about the food, is provided on the menu.


Dietary Information Sheet for new children