Currently there are two separate schools with separate Headteachers – ‘Pinner Park Junior School’ and ‘Pinner Park Infant and Nursery School’.

The Headteacher of the Junior School left at the end of the Summer term and they now have an Acting Headteacher, Mr English.

Harrow has a policy for this situation where they recommend that the Junior School and the Infant School amalgamate to become one school, with one Headteacher. Therefore, the Pinner Park Schools are now looking at this Amalgamation Policy.

As part of this process, there are procedures to be followed, which include a consultation with all stakeholders.

Information with regards to the on-going process will be sent out, and will also be available here. We will keep it updated so that all within the School Community are involved and understand what is happening.

Amalgamation – November Update

Formal Consultation Letter to Parents – 5.11.18

Public Notice of Proposed Amalgamation – Pinner_Park_Joint_Notice

Amalgamation – Letter to Parents 18 June 2018

Amalgamation – Pinner Park Proposal Evaluation

Amalgamation – Pinner Park Consultation Document