Key Stage 1 Curriculum

The Key Stage 1 School Curriculum is developed from the National Curriculum.

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Autumn Spring Summer
Art and Design Sculpture – natural materials, Andy Goldsworthy; Painting African art; Drawing and printing Flowers in art – Van Gogh; Paint effects
Computing E-safety

Coding and algorithms – Beebots;

Data – sort, create and modify charts and pictograms

Digital Literacy – adding text to images

E-safety – using the internet for on-line research

Coding and algorithms

Design and Technology Model houses – structures Making a bag; Fruit salads Castles – levers and sliders
Geography The local area – land use and features Africa – geographical features United Kingdom – the four countries
History Changes to lifestyles Dr David Livingstone The Battle of Hastings / William the Conqueror / castles
Music Sounds interesting – sounds; The long and short of it – duration Feel the pulse – pulse and rhythm; Taking off – pitchAfrican beats What’s the score? – instruments and symbols; Rain rain go away – timbre, tempo and dynamics
PE Games; Gym; Dance Games; Gym; Dance Athletics; Games; Dance
RE Special Days; Christian Family Hinduism Through the Eye of Children; Jewish Family Muslim Family; Special Places
Science The local environment – plants / animals / seasonal changes / materials Africa – plants / animals / seasonal changes / materials Naming and grouping plants, animals and materials; Seasonal changes



Autumn Spring Summer
Art and Design Artists: L S Lowry, Tanielle Childers

Drawing, painting

Artist: Henri Rousseau

Printing – animal prints, aboriginal

Sculpture – 3D polar landscapes

Artists: Matisse, Seurat, Delaunay, Warhol – minibeasts in art
Computing Data and databases Coding; Digital Literacy – E-Safety – research and communication Word processing, digital imagery and animation
Design and Technology Designing and making pulleys Cooking Puppets – joining fabrics
Geography Continents and oceans

Aerial views – local

Geographical features of deserts, polar regions and the local environment

Maps, photographs and land features

The local environment and habitats
History Grace Darling

The Titanic

Remembrance Day

Extinct animals – compare with animals of today Henry Vlll – changes in the local area
Music Creating music and movements through African Drumming and dance – pitch, rhythm and dynamics Creating music and movements through African Drumming and dance – pitch, rhythm and dynamics Creating music and movements through African Drumming and dance – pitch, rhythm and dynamics
PE Gymnastics; Dance; Games Gymnastics; Dance; Games Athletics; Dance; Games
RE Stories and Wonders from Hinduism and Christianity Stories and Wonders from Judaism and Islam People who care for others (humanitarians)

Special books from different faiths

Science Materials – properties and suitability for purpose


Basic needs of animals and humans – healthy lifestyles

Animals – habitats, suitability of environment, simple food chains

Plants and animals (minibeasts) in their habitats, including microhabitats