Phonics and Reading


Phonics is taught from Nursery onwards using the Government’s ‘Letters and Sounds’ document to plan progression in the learning of synthetic phonics. The ‘Jolly Phonics’ programme is used to teach the correspondence between letters and sounds incorporating actions, songs and letter formation along with blending and segmenting sounds in words. As the children move on in their learning they will be taught alternative ways to represent sounds in words and also alternative ways to pronounce combinations of letters within words.


Children should enjoy looking at books and be motivated to read for pleasure. A selection of reading schemes are used to support the children’s application of phonic skills and word recognition taught during the daily phonic sessions. Some of the series specifically focus on the use and progression of phonics whilst others promote a variety of reading skills. The school promotes the use of ‘real’ books, both fact and fiction, alongside the reading schemes, to develop story language, depth and understanding of a wide vocabulary, and increase factual knowledge.

Reading schemes used in school:

Oxford Reading Tree – Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories / Floppy’s Phonics / Traditional Tales / Songbirds / Snapdragons / Fireflies

Project X

Rigby – Star / Star Quest / Rockets

Big Cats